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Engineering (synthetic) biology is the rational design and construction of new biological molecules, circuits, pathways and cells/organisms, and the re-design of existing biological systems to create fundamentally distinctive bio-solutions for the Canadian industrial biotechnology, agriculture and agri-food and health and biosciences sectors. Engineering biology tools and technologies are disrupting global markets, and engineering biology companies have raised more than $3.8B of Venture Funding in 2018. Now is the time for Canada to leverage its tremendous advantage and capacity to collaborate across biology, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences and artificial intelligence to participate in the 4th industrial revolution and the global bio-economy market. 

  • Health/Biosciences - Can-DESyNe will enable the development and manufacture of innovative solutions such as cell-based treatments, evolvable therapies and highly sensitive diagnostics, with benefit to individual Canadians and Canadian healthcare systems. Can-DESyNe will increase collaboration within Canada’s large community of world leading health innovation experts, and support Canada’s target of doubling the sector by 2025.  

  • Agriculture & Agri-food – Can-DESyNe will facilitate innovations such as sustainable protein production and improved crop design, ensuring long-term global food security in a changing climate. Benefits will include improved health, poverty reduction and economic growth, and will support Canada’s plan for ~30% growth in agri-food exports by 2025 from 2017 levels, while meeting the need highlighted in the 2018 Canadian Agricultural Partnership for innovative, sustainable and clean growth.  

  • Industrial Biotechnology - Can-DESyNe can provide clean manufacturing technologies for production of next generation bio-fuels and bio-materials, and utilize alternative raw materials including waste streams to manufacture new products. Benefits will include cuts to GHG emissions, improved air quality and the reduced footprint of domestic and commercial products and waste streams. This feeds directly into the objective of Canada’s Biotechnology Strategy, to position Canada as a global leader in biotechnology advances.


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