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The Can-DESyNe ecosystem will leverage and connect existing and new regional and sector specific resources, multinationals, established SMEs, innovative start-ups and academic expertise to establish Canada as a global leader in novel, industrial scale advanced bio-manufacturing technologies and biotechnologies that will benefit numerous end users.

The ecosystem will focus on three sectors, namely industrial biotechnology, agriculture and agri-food, and health and biosciences, selected for, 1) industry/market pull; 2) existing pan-Canadian initiatives spanning research to commercialization TRL levels, 3) urgent requirement and imminent opportunities for sustainable alternatives to traditional manufacturing technologies, 4) economic and societal importance to Canada and Canadians.

Fundamental elements required to establish Canada as a leader through the National Engineering Biology-Enabled, Sustainable Bio-Manufacturing and Bio-Technology Ecosystem are:

  1. Strengthening Canadian Advantage- a Technology Adoption & Infrastructure Network will link existing SynBio technology facilities to expedite access to expertise, tools, technologies, resources and training.  

  2. Driving innovation- driven by industry, Can-DESyNe partners will co-develop a suite of flexible programs to feed the technology pipeline.  

  3. Translation to Commercialization- products and/or processes will be moved forward via Can-DESyNe collaborations and consortia, for technology implementation and industrial scale up. Start-ups will benefit from international accelerator programs and a dedicated landing pad.  

  4. Regulation and Outreach- establishing global leadership for regulatory frameworks and pathways to adoption.

  5. Training and Mentorship- integral to all activities and enriched by 16 Canadian undergraduate iGEM teams.


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